View Full Version : Suggestions for my next camera?

05-25-2007, 12:03 PM
Current camera: Canon S2-IS
Budget: $600
Size: Not an issue, but I have small hands for a man.
Features: 6 Mpx, 10x optical zoom (min), image stabilization, good autofocus, scene modes. Will use more with automated controls than manual.
Nice-to-have: SD memory format, rotating LCD, possible external flash attachment.
Manual controls: Shutter priority, Aperture priority, Manual focus all all nice-to-have, but not requirements.
Usage: 95% indoor photography of grandson & other family - LOW LIGHT. Vacation shots, indoors and out. Some scenery. Occasional artistic/creative. Sports/action shots not an issue.
Prints: 8x10 max, 90% or more will be 4x6.
Brands: Really bad experience with HP, good experiences with three Canons.
Experience: HP 315 :mad:, Canon A70 :), Canon S2-IS :rolleyes:.

Looking for suggestions for my next camera. Current is Canon S2-IS. My BIGGEST PROBLEM with this camera is that it doesn't autofocus well in low indoor light, where I take most of my pictures. Outdoors, the camera is everything I need.

The S2 has lots of auto scene modes, which I use effectively. It has the capacity to be operated manually, setting focus, speed, aperture. I like having that available, but seldom use it that way.

I love the 12x zoom, and use it a lot.

Second-biggest problem with this camera is shutter lag. It's the fastest I've had, but still not the instant response I think I'd get from a dslr.

Another issue is red eye. I'd like to have the option to use an external flash, to move the flash away from the lens.

THANKS for any/all suggestions!!!