View Full Version : Nikon D40 or Canon Digital Rebel XT (EOS 350D)?

05-22-2007, 04:37 PM
I am looking to buy a first SLR. I've been using a point & shoot for the last 4 years and want to get more into the art of photography. So, I'm looking for something that can function as a point & shoot if needed, then as I learn I'd want to take advantage of more manual controls.

I would love to have a higher quality pic for shooting outdoor scenery at different distances. I like to create panoramic shots (12" x 36") and print them out.

Budget ~$600

not a significant factor--not too bulky to go on hikes though.

multiple exposures

How many megapixels will suffice:
Does it matter over 6? I like to shoot outdoors, and create panoramic prints by splicing photos together.

What optical zoom will you need? Standard = 3x-4x

How important is “image quality” to you?
The best image is preferred, however I'm willing to sacrifice given the budget constraints.

Do you care for manual controls?
I wouldn't mind as I learn more about using them.

General Usage

* What will you generally use the camera for?
I like to do a lot of outdoor shots in the Rockies at different distances. I also will be doing a bit of indoor shooting as well.

* Will you be making big prints of your photos or not?

Will you be shooting a lot of indoor photos or low light photos?
Probably not.

Will you be shooting sports and/or action photos?
Yes--sports and wildlife.


Are there particular brands you like or hate?
I have a Canon already, and I don't mind-- but if Nikon is better, I'd upgrade!

05-22-2007, 07:25 PM
The Nikon D40 has nice basic features but getting additional autofocus lenses can be expensive as there is no focusing motor in the body. There is a new 55-200mm zoom for about $250 that solves the basic cheap telephoto lens problem. Beyond that, expect to pay $500 easily, if not twice that, for lenses that autofocus.

The D50 might be a better choice if you can find it, though no longer on the leading edge of technology it is a good basic camera that gives more lens options.

Any Canon is over your budget I think, though you might be able to find a 350D in your range. The 400D has many nice upgrades however, and I'd choose that if I was buying Canon..

Pentax K100D has some nice features including image stabilization in the body, exposure bracketing, and it accepts relatively inexpensive third-party lenses, such as Tamron or Sigma. There is (for now) an even cheaper version without the stabilization called the K110D. The short-coming (for some people) of the K100D is a small buffer that limits how many quick shots you can take in a row. It does not sound like you would be taking a burst of landscape shots, however. Another minor point (for some people) is that in tungsten light ("indoors") you must set the white balance to tungsten - however if you shoot in RAW, then it does not matter as you can change almost any camera setting with the provided software.

05-25-2007, 12:38 PM
Get the Nikon D40. :cool: