View Full Version : Canon A560 or Nikon L12 ?

05-22-2007, 02:20 PM
I've narrowed down to these 2 choices as a birthday gift for my wife...she will use in "auto" mode and I'll do a little experimenting with features.

Canon A560 Pro's - 4x zoom,(vs Nikons 3x) real image viewfinder in case of glare(vs Nikons LCD only),

Nikon L12 Pros - Image stabilization, smaller size (easier for wife to carry in purse)

Both are same price ($199) locally with the Nikon currently on sale for ($179)

Both are reputable quality manufacturers so...which do I choose...any personal or factual opinions out there?

Or...am I spending too much on a 1st time digital camera for a casual family picture user?

Need to purchase tomorrow.