View Full Version : xti-40D-A100

05-20-2007, 12:57 PM
ok so im having troubles deciding which one to get. i thought i decided on the A100 for a couple of reasons. my buddy got one and ive been playing with it alot and my dad has a monolta slr and monolta dslr so i would be able to borrow his lenses. altho he told me to buy what i want and dont worry about his lenses. so this got me thinking for future upgrading in body's should i buy the sony? right now this is there only model ive heard talk about upcomming ones but still uncertain. my next question is i really liked the d40 at the store when i was playing with it but it doesnt have an autofocus only in the lense is that right? id like both auto and manual focus for certain shots. this will be my first dslr purchase aswell i wanna get the best for what i can afford right now but i can always upgrade my body later so it basicly comes down to brand. any input would be awsome. i temp ordered the a100 1 lense kit from the local photo store but that doesnt matter since i didnt put any money down and they wont mind if i change my choice

05-20-2007, 02:24 PM
sorry i think it was the 80d i was shown