View Full Version : Camera for photographing historical/archival documents

05-18-2007, 11:34 PM
Hi All,

I am an historian heading over to Russia in 2-3 weeks to do some archival research, and need some help finding a camera. I've posted my needs according to the sticky instructions.

I'd like something under US$500 if possible.

The camera should be small because I'll be carrying around a laptop and other stuff, and I don't want to draw attention to my photographing, even though I'll only be doing it where allowed. The less attention one draws to oneself in the archives the better. I'd like something I can carry in my pocket.

Description of Use/Features
I don't know what features I need, so please advise on this. Again, I need something that will take very high quality pictures of mostly Russian language documents. The documents are in some cases a 100 years old or more, and are often copies, so they may be faded, yellowed, blurry, etc. The lighting conditions in the archives are not always ideal, so I need something that excels in low-light environments. I CANNOT use flash in the archives, but image quality is very important to me -- I need to be able to read the document off a computer monitor or printout.

I like the small size of the Sony DSC-T series. I had a DSC-T9, but haven't used it for document photographing. I'm fairly open to brands, etc, but would like something small like the Sony DSC-T cameras.

Thanks in advance for your help!