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05-06-2007, 07:30 AM
From Another Forum..My Response:

I was sent a personal message by a very fine photographer on this forum. He/She told me that they were frustrated with the outcome of their images. They were not coming out in the manner they were imagining they could. I wish to only share my response, as it may aid those in understanding how to get over some creative log jams...perhaps.


As a photographer with about 27 years behind me, I make it my practice NOT to critique other "Humans" expression captured in Imagery, Music, Painting etc. You are in your own way unique in the way in which you capture the moment that you have decided to capsulate. It is that moment of "Commitment" that says "This is my view of reality, this is 'Me.'" Now if the "This is me" is not content with the outcome of that "Commitment" to capture that image at that moment in time, because the outcome did not satisfy what you really imagined what the outcome could have been, that is a technical issue. It could imply your understanding of the importance of Post Production is underestimated. It could be that you have not been honest with yourself and hesitated, not allowing yourself the intimacy required to capture "That" photo. It could be a certain handicap in basic rules of balance between light and dark or the "Yin Yang" principal. That being understand what Balance means to you. Post Prod is very much a part of the final image being realized. My images are what they are, because the final outcome was desired. That does not mean that there is no room for experimentation. It means that in my planning process I always allow that the "Accident" element be a vital part of that process. I am always trying to push the envelope and surprise myself with something new. Perhaps it has more to do with my own perception of myself and getting bored too easily, or to a greater degree, a lack of confidence in myself. I am working on that issue every day and is a work in progress. Technique in my opinion should only be considered as a response to a specific desired outcome and not the means to the end.

Prior to building the house, you need to first do a briefing of what those requirements are. Do a conceptual plan and follow up with working drawings. That could be considered the story board. Construction of the house could be considered the technical tools, i.e. lighting framing, realization of the "theme-subject" and the post production to the final outcome the "House" built, photo concretized or the print.

If you feel that your goal has not been accomplished, find the tools that will assist in realizing that outcome. Sometimes as a result of a lack of vocabulary, we do not even realize what tools exist and worse than that, we lack the vocabulary to even know that certain questions exist. You must garner a vocabulary to enlighten yourself to the possibilities. In doing so, you will learn how to be discerning and your outcome will be even richer in my opinion.

It is a known fact that those people with a large vocabulary, lead a richer and more fulfilling life than those who have a limited one.

Experiment, make mistakes, catalogue those mistakes and make them your own style. Enjoy the experience and share that experience with others so they may benefit by your insight.

To be continued...

I will post this for others to view, in the hope that it may just add a slightly different perspective on their mind set to get them over the hurdles they confront creatively.

Best Wishes