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04-20-2007, 11:32 AM
E-410 came out in Japan.
In a commercials message, Aoi Miyazaki is appointed.
She is a young actress who is now popular in Japan.
It's very lovely CM.
Olympus seems to be targetting a young women.
The following is a Japanese special site of Olympus E-system.
CM currently done in Japan can also be seen from the following link, alothough it is Japanese.


The translation of CM (although imperfect)

Aoi:Yo! I'm traveling.
some clicking sounds

boy:What is a picture of taken?
Aoi:What's name?(She asks the name of a dog.)
Boy:Nobuo(Usually, in Japan, such a name is not given to a dog.This name is usually man's name.)
Aoi:This dog's name(She has misunderstanding as the boy said the name of the dog.)
Boy:So, NOBUO. …(I can't translate)

Aoi:He's a boy?(Nobuo is usually a male name.)
Aoi:How interesting.
Boy:Not so.

Aoi:Oh! Good expression, Nobuo.(Aoi takes the photograph of the dog.)
a clicking sound

Boy:I wanted the younger brother.
Aoi:What's your name.
(Turning a finger to sky)
Boy:Sora.(Sora means sky.)

Aoi:I met a boy called Sora. The sky at the day was blue.
two clicking sounds

* I'm not good at English. So, there may be some grammatical errors and inappropriate expressions. I welcome your suggestions.

04-20-2007, 12:35 PM
thanks for the link