View Full Version : Butterfly Photo - Poor service - Buyer beware

12-13-2004, 05:56 PM
I would NOT recommend anyone use Butterfly Photo. There main business appears to be advertising low prices and then sell additional products or warranties over the phone. They strung me along for over a week and then canceled the order because of no stock.

On Dec. 6th I ordered a Sony DSC F828 camera. Two days later I got the sales phone call to try and sell me additional stuff. I politely declined and the sales rep. said they would proceed with my order. After 6 days I called to find out the status ... no camera or shipping information had been received. I left messages for 3 days because I could not get anyone on the phone ... and I never received a call back or email response. Finally after 3 more phone calls and more than an hour on hold I got "customer service" and was told the order was canceled and they had no cameras in stock. Butterfly photo is a lousy operation.

12-24-2004, 04:15 AM
can you believe the nerve of some of these "companies"??

thanks for posting this info - i think if we try to keep everyone aprised we may be able to not only save ouselves some $$$ and headaches, but maybe we can educate others who might no know.

what do others think can be done to report the shady web sites? is there someplace we can report them for unfiar business practice?


01-01-2005, 11:10 PM
I too have ordered from Butterfly Photo (Optio 555) and had no problems with any part of it. Maybe they only do it with certain cameras.

01-06-2005, 08:29 PM
In the past 6 mths, I have ordered and promptly received 3 cameras...admittedly, they left me an "urgent" sounding voicemail regarding my 2nd order...the guy said I would receive discounts on accessories b/c I was a repeat customer blah blah blah. I made it clear that I wasn't interested. With my latest order , they emailed me the same message. I emailed them back simply stating that I didn't need anything else + to simply ship my camera. Got it 2 days later. Would I order from them again? Considering that they are often $100-$200 (in the case of nikon 3700) LESS than Amazon, CC, Bestbuy, etc? Hell YEAH! Their cameras are always Brand New & Sealed. Also, they are actually one of the highest rated vendors .

Sorry for your bad experience but I personally don't think that's the way they treat most of their customers. Btw, your story sounds like my recent dealings with DELL. I received a $50 off a $50.01+ purchase coupon code from customer service (long story) and used it to buy a $50.25 memory card, Order showed as $0.00 but now they have charged my CC $56 !