View Full Version : Fuji s6000fd macro cheat.

03-14-2007, 11:49 AM
On the Fuji s6000fd there are 3 different distance modes normal,macro,and super macro. The only way to know which one to use for sure is to try and focus on the object to see if the out of focus warning comes on. Then switch to either macro or super macro and hope you pick the right one for the distance. The cheat is simply to switch to manual focus . Then press the quick focus button in the center of the manual focus switch and thats it. The camera will focus very quickly to any distance without switching modes.

Which brings me to a puzzling question. If the camera is perfectly capable of focusing without switching modes why would Fuji add the modes to begin with:confused:

03-14-2007, 03:02 PM
the camera my have the modes to interpolate the data in a different way. The hardware should always be capable of the up close imaging... And the focusing should be fine too. In fact most slr lenses are capable of macro work... the modes will either be to change lighting settings... Iso levels or flash levels. Note the fact you can't use the flash in super macro. It's not because the flash won't work at that range it's just the fact when your 1cm away from the lens only a small amount of what your looking at will actually be caught by the flash!

Intrestingly you can still select macro and super macro in manual mode. Which means it does more that lock some settings. Chances are like i said it tweaks the interpolation for the jpeg images. Or adds an extra correction factor for lens distortion.

The best way to test it would be to take a series of macro shots of small grids. In all modes... just to see if the lens correction is different in the different modes. Macro mode in auto setting may also pump the ISO and drop the shutter speed by default to reduce camera blur.... Again you'd have to play with it to find out.

03-15-2007, 07:16 AM
Thanks for the info. I did a few test shots and noticed that it did alter the aperture in program modes and probably also adjusts the flash intensity. However in full manual I saw no discernable difference.

I still don,t understand why if the camera will focus automatically to 1cm then it should know not to use the flash and adjust other settings accordingly without the user having to tell it that it's within a certain range.

03-15-2007, 07:05 PM
ahhh thats because the camara can not always tell the distance of an object from the lens.

Take the example of a 50M tall advertising board... If the camera was to work out the average height of a man to be 2M, Then the 50M tall man would make the camera think that the person in frame was much closer than they actually were... So the camera may try to use the correct settings for a person at that distance, flash focus ect... when in actual fact your probably far enough away from the board that the flash would have no impact whatsoever.

What i'm trying to say is the only way for a camera to know the exact distance to something is to have a reliable referance. And the nature of photography means that there is never a reliable referance... Meaning the camera never actually knows how far an object is from the lens.

What the camera actually does is look for edges in the image. It then adjust the focus until these egdes are as small as possible (hence in focus). Provided your photographing something with contrast ( anything but a white sheet of paper). Then the camera will always lock onto these edges....