View Full Version : Where will Pentax be in Two Years Time?

03-11-2007, 03:25 PM
In the past few months there have been some rather exciting developments. The technology is moving at an incredibly fast pace. Where will we be in two years and what will be the standard resolution for the masses using DSLR's. What will be at the forefront and who will be setting new precedents.

Here is my prediction. The standard base level Pentax will be 12 mega pixels. It will have a range of 100 to 3200 iso and will have built in SR, sensor cleaning and image view as well as other novel features like high speed bluetooth and infra red tether support. The next step up will be the equivalent of the K10D and will have a native resolution of 12.8 mega pixels on a 1.25 ratio sensor. It will have a range of 50-6400 iso and will feature a new highly evolved SR system that will allow for a true 4 stops of shake reduction as well as Pan SR. It will also have an improved sensor cleaning system as well as high speed Bluetooth capability and infra red tether support. It will shoot at 6 fps and be able to shoot a full 2 gig card without needing to re-buffer. It will allow up to 30 Raw images to be shot in rapid fire.

Pentax will not yet have released their FF sensor dslr, but rumors will abound about the eventual release of their 22 megapixel FF DSLR.

The new 645D will have evolved to the 645D Mkll with a 45 megapixel sensor.

That is my take. Now that it is written in concrete let's see how close I am to this prediction in two years..