View Full Version : E-500 Zoom?

02-10-2007, 04:09 PM
I recently purchased an E Volt 500, and cannot figure out how to zoom in. I thought I understood digital cameras, but... My last camera was a Fuji S3000, and it had the greatest zoom feature, but I can't seem to find one on the E-500.
Help!:confused: :o

02-10-2007, 05:34 PM
Welcome to the DSLR world. Unlike the wide-telephoto toggle switch found on top of point and shoot cameras like your Fuji, the zoom mechanism on DSLR's is one of the rings around the lens. Of course, I am assuming that you bought one of the E500 kits with a zoom lens. I am guessing you did not buy this from a local camera shop. In your case it sounds like you would have benefitted from the extra knowledge a little hands on time there would offer. Sometimes buying cheap and online is not a real discount. If this is your first SLR of any type (film or digital) you really have a lot of learning ahead of you. Spend some time on the reviews here and at www.dpreview.com as well to get a little first hand knowledge. Also, there is a ton of Olympus info at Andrzej Wrotniak's site. (http://wrotniak.net/photo/oly-e/index.html)