View Full Version : The Evolts are coming, The Evolts are coming !!!

12-04-2004, 07:06 AM
Hello All,

Friday at lunch I discovered a new camera store on Lexington Avenue and 51st Street in New York City.

I walked in and the entry was filled with Olympus merchandize. I walked around and figured this guy must be a busy Olympus dealer.

On my way out I asked one of the salesman 'Are you getting the new Olympus (E300/Evolt)?'

He replied, "Yes, we are getting 100 on the 10th (December), and we have 40 sold already."

I offered him my findings that the web samples have all been quite soft. He replied, "I printed them out and they are razor sharp."

I left telling him I will see him on the tenth. Can't wait to hold a production model.

Regards, Nicholas, www.nickphoto123.smugmug.com