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01-07-2007, 12:13 PM
I had a bad experience with Fujifilm products and worldwide technical support, namely in UK, U.A.E and Egypt.

I bought an S5600 camera from UK while I was on a business trip there. It malfunctioned after using it for only 4 months. It displayed a "focus error" message and didn't take any shots. Naturally, I turned to the Fujifilm UK representative to fix it. I sent them several FAXes and emails. Unfortunately -because I had a good faith in a Fujifilm product-, I had my "proof of purchase document" lost. I emailed UK representative in July-06, the camera was released to the market in August-05, so they were PRETTY SURE it malfunctioned within its warranty period. Moreover, from its serial number, they are pretty sure I bought it from the UK (else I couldn't have registered it at their website). YET, THEY DENIED ANY RESPONSIBILITY TO FIX IT. I really don't know for what else did they need a "proof of purchase document".

I tried having it fixed at Fujifilm representative in Egypt. They denied the international warranty (even if I have had the proof of purchase document) and they requested a lot of money for fixing it (almost two thirds the price of a brand new camera then). And above all, they were a bit reluctant to fix it, which conveyed to me a message that they may not be educated enough to fix it. Actually, I was afraid to pay two thirds its price and then still have problems with it.

So, finally I had it fixed at my expenses at Fujifilm representative in Dubai. But again, I regret that decision. Dubai technicians turned out to be by no means educated to fix a camera. They fixed the "focus error" message, but caused two other problems. The AF assist lamp doesn't work at all, and all the camera shots are blurred and out of focus. The result is that still after paying to fix it at a Fujifilm representative, the camera is unusable. I don't believe this is really the standard of support of a multinational company in such a worldwide hub as Dubai. I CONSIDER THIS AN ACT OF FRAUD FROM THE DUBAI REPRESENTATIVE, taking my money and then delivering me an un-usable camera.

SO, I LEARNED THAT FUJIFILM CAMERAS AND WORLDWIDE SUPPORT (UK, DUBAI & EGYPT) IS REALLY REALLY BAD. There's no way I'll ever spend a penny on any Fujifilm product again. I even stopped printing my photos at Fujifilm shops.

I have supports for all the above claims. I have the warranty card and the Dubai repair papers. I have correspondence emails between myself and Dixon's UK, where they confirm I bought the camera from them. I also have the correspondence emails between myself and the UK representative, confirming that the fault occurred in July-06, which is within the standard 1 year warranty period. And above all, I have the faulty camera itself and some sample pictures. The quality of those pictures doesn't even match a cheap point & shoot camera.

If Fujifilm is a respectable company, then the least they should offer is a free repair of the mis-repair caused by their Dubai representative or a replacement camera, plus a refund for the money I paid to their representative at Dubai. What do you think?

01-16-2007, 06:14 PM
you said it if they were respectable ?i believe all companies should honour there warranties and if not there should be some way we as consumers could get some satisfaction .

01-16-2007, 10:52 PM
i think that torturing Fuji global support on the basis of one exchange with a dealer you already had significant doubts about is a bit over the top.

Get into contact with your local Fuji Service Centre when you get home if you are not there already. Be prepared to provide copies of accounts etc, with a view to getting the camera properly repaired free of charges. You will ofcourse have blown the gold spent in Dubai

when all is said and done only this will be true, if you dont talk to your local fuji people nothing will happen

01-22-2007, 01:53 AM
First of all I am sorry your S5600 broke down, secondly to be treated like you were by Fuji service people is a disgrace, I have two S5600s as yet I have not used them very much, have to say though if one of mine became faulty and I was treated by Fuji Australia the way you were I would get rid of both of them.

I only just made the switch to Fuji after having about 15 Kodaks, I had a problem with a DX7590 Kodak whilst on holidays, the zoom would not return when the camera was turned off, I took it to a Kodak Shop they paid for the transportation 1,500km to Melbourne I got a phone call two weeks later to pick the camera up, 100% perfect repair with a complete replacement lens assembly, repair was done under warranty no cost to me at all, I continued to use the camera till the holiday was over, maybe Fuji should take a lesson from Kodak.

01-22-2007, 06:16 AM
i had purchased an HP R707 refurbished from Bestbuy online and the camera would not turn on. and HP Canada paid for shipping both ways and fixed it and sent back by the end of the week. without even asking for proof of purchase.
i doubt they would have touched it if they knew it was refurbished or what not.
but the point is that i was offered service no questions asked after i followed the troubleshooting.

If i were you i would go back to the store you bought it from and speak to the manager.