View Full Version : Battery Chargers &recharging Tips

01-06-2007, 06:30 AM

- The best chargers have a microchip that monitors the charging activity, manages for "optimum trickle," and terminates the current flow at the optimum point. This type of charger may cost a little more, but it will likely extend the life of your rechargeable batteries, making the extra initial cost of the "smart charger" worth it.

- If your battery charger doesn't have such braininess, take the batteries out as soon as they're charged up.

- A typical NiMH-battery charger will also charge Nicad batteries, but the reverse is not true. (A Nicad-only charger would overcharge the NiMH batteries.)

- A solar charger is the absolute greenest choice, eliminating the cost of electricity and the pollution associated with generating it. They usually work more slowly than plug-in rechargers, but if you've bought extra rechargeable batteries, that will not be a problem.

- Use your batteries almost to the point of complete discharge, i.e. do not run them down to the point of total failure. And don't overcharge the batteries, either!especially NiMH batteries.

- Remember that you'll need to charge up your Nicad or NiMH rechargeable batteries before you use them.

- If you treat your rechargeable batteries right, you won't need to worry about diminished recharge capacity for at least 400-500 recharges.