View Full Version : camera dosnt read card

01-02-2007, 09:00 PM
well, i searched this place and found one person with my problem, but no answer. i also searched google for similar problems... but all i found was it picking up part of the question on a question site for cameras and it wount take me directly to it so its burried somewhere in cyber space... it looks from what i'v found searching everywhere that this is a fairly common problem. possibly a manufacturer defect/bug or some odd setting affecting the card?


the problem is my DSLR-100K, i can format the card, and shoot a picture. then if i want to look at it i cant, or, i can take a few pictures and try to view it and cant, but... it looks like they are storing on the card when i put it in my computer... it will say: "UNABLE TO READ CARD" sometimes i can format the card in the camera depending on where in the menue i do it from. normaly the first thing i would do is switch cards, but i dont have a nother now... and, from what i read, the other people with my problem already tried it and it does not work. i also read somebody said to make sure its using mass storage, and it is.

any ideas guys/gals?


01-07-2007, 05:53 PM