View Full Version : C-160 Bug?

07-26-2004, 11:12 AM
I've purchase this camera a few weeks ago for poket wearing (because my C770 is unconfortable to wearing allways with myself) and overall I was satisfated with camera overall, but few days ago I was switch resolution to SQ2 (1024x768) and discover a very bad image quality (too much pixelated)...like it was very strongly compressed...but it's not. So now I don't know is this bug present only in my camera or any other of this model?
Anyone knows?

nd sorry on bad English...but I hope you'll understand me :)

07-26-2004, 12:27 PM
If you are talking about the C60Z (sorry I'm not familiar with a C160), then you should expect that picture quality will suffer at sub-megapixel image size (actually 768KP). Especially, if you are viewing them at 100% crop.

You do realize (on a 6MP camera) that you are giving up almost 8 times the resolution, right?

But 2 things to check:

Did you accidently use digital zoom?
Is the SQ2 set to "normal" or "high" ("normal" is the worst setting).

Standard advice (no matter which camera you have):

Always use the best quality (not TIFF!) SHQ setting to take the original photo. Then reduce it to size in Photoshop Elements or some other post-processing software. That way you will always get the best quality image from your camera, for printing, and to shrink and send over the internet.

07-29-2004, 12:05 PM
2 George: I was never usesd digital zoom, but unfortunetly picture is just like I was :(
I usualy always use max resolution to taking pictures and this C160 is my backup camera for pocket wearing (I have C770UZ like master camera) but sometimes i have space low space problem on card and then I decrease resolution for a few pictures. When I takinh pictures in any resolution on My c770 or any other Olympus camera then image is still with good quality (like I was resized It from max resolutin to selected in Photoshop) but here on C160 is not like this :(

I was wrote this post because I don'6t know is it Bug on thi model or my camera have a malfunction. Also when I view pictures on display of camera it's pixelatet in the begining...then after 5 seconds picture lookins fine on display.

Sorry, I konw that my grammar suxx ;-)