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12-21-2006, 08:36 AM
Which mode do you use most when you're taking shots? Being only a 6 day old owner of the k100d, I'm still toying around and trying to find which mode works best for me. So I'm just asking to see what my fellow pentax owners shoot in. For me right now, I've mostly been messing around with Av and TV mode. Sometimes I try to M mode, but not as much.

Also, do most of you use AWB, or do you use the custom WB? If you use custom, how do you go about setting it up for shots?

Thanks for any info folks.

12-21-2006, 11:11 AM

I started in auto or perhaps pgram when I fisrt got mine, and it works for most shots, really. But if I have Sigmund (70-300) on the front I go to the "moving subject" mode in auto as it bumps up the shutter speed to 1/500th or better. I found out that mode also changes the AF into continuous from single AF, which can be good or bad. With the wideangle and auto, the camera adjusts to a landscape mode to increase the f stop for depth of field.

It is easy enough to override an exposure using the AE Lock or +/- button for a few "tricky" shots that might require it. Or, you can set the camera to lock the exposure when the shutter is half pressed (much like focus), and then just meter a neutral scene at the same distance and recompose it on you subject.

As long as you understand what your lightmeter is seeing and trying to do, you can make adjustments as needed, or just use a scene mode, which in some cases saves a bit of button pushing.

If there are really bright or really dark subjects, then I'll get a neutral meter reading and go to manual, but that is rare.

I've had very few camera-related exposure problems. I'd say they were all operator error, in fact, for one reason or other.

To do a custom WB you get a white or gray card and meter off of that.