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12-18-2006, 03:57 PM
Loving it so far, and still learning it. Read most of the manual at work yesterday, haha. :D

Tell what you guys think, and tell me what I'm doing right or wrong so far. :confused:

these shots taken with my girlfriends sd550. Like that camera a lot to for what it is.

Now the k100

My lady took this shot of me and the friends

12-19-2006, 01:18 PM
Loving it so far, and still learning it. Read most of the manual at work yesterday, haha. :D

Tell what you guys think, and tell me what I'm doing right or wrong so far. :confused:

The first two could use a smaller aperture to get more depth of field, especially when close up as in first one. However, as it was of the Pentax and not with the Pentax they don't count good or bad :-)

Some dog pix are a bit soft. Could be the lens, or focus. One or two in the middle look sharp, however.

Group shot - pass the cerveza!

Don't forget that just because the camera comes with settings in a certain way doesn't mean you can't change them. The "bright" mode can pump up the color a bit too much. I'm switching to "natural" as the default. If the subect is balloons, or a sunset, "Bright" might be better, though. I'm also taking the contrast down a notch or two as it helps the shadows in trees, etc. I tried bracketing the exposure (at -0.5, "0" and +0.5) but "0" seems accurate. I'm going to test sharpness and saturation this weekend.

Have fun!

12-19-2006, 01:33 PM

On 2 of the dog pics, I was not focused.

I changed the settings around on brightness, and contrast the 2nd day I played with the camera. The party pic, i think every thing was still set to normal, and shooting in manual mode with the flash on.

Hopefully the weather stays nice so I can go out and do some shooting. I had to work the weekend I got my camera. And it was really nice out. :mad: had the day off yesterday, had to work on my car. By the time I got finished, hit the car wash and bank. Came home took a few shots then it started getting cold.

But I'm having a great time with it so far. practice, practice, practice. :eek:

12-19-2006, 01:42 PM
Can you select the focus point? If so; aim for the slits of the eyes. Dog noses tend to be in focus. Also; back off a little unless you like overlong noses.

For flash shooting; can you crank up the ISO a little?

To control DOF, shoot in AV mode and select f8 or higher for a group shot like that.

Looks like you just need to get to know your camera and keep playing.

Yeah, this camera has 3 options for focus point. Right now it's on center(have double check it).

yes, the ISO can be turned up during flash mode. The group shot was just with auto settings, flash on, and first night with the camera(like 2-3hrs after I got it). My girlfrien took that shot, she loves auto settings and the flash.. :p

But thanks for the tips. You're right, just getting use to and learning the camera. Just need some more time with it to learn all of it's functions. It's a big step coming from a nikon 4600.. :D