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12-18-2006, 02:44 AM
I would like to believe that the Pentax K100D is the best for me. I am a happy Canon owner who has experience with digital point and shoot & Film SLR camera's. The Pentax with IS and anti-dust is its strong point for such a low price. But would the Canon 350 XT be the better photographic tool for the same price? In the Imaging Resource compare photo's the details are blurrier for the Pentax than the Canon; notice the flowers in her hands. Also I noticed on the flowers in the portrait shot have a very low color gamut for the Pentax while the Canon has a very good color gamut shown. Are the sample pictures taken accurate? I see the Canon 350 XT being hands down a more detailed/accurate picture tool according to the test photos shown. Are the colors really that blown out, erasing all detail? A really important concern for me. Either the images were not taken with the same settings or one camera's detail is better. What do you think? Thanks. -Shawn

12-18-2006, 02:33 PM
My advice would be short- reviews are good (to some extent...) but I consider 3 rather easy steps for You:
1. Go to www.pbase.com and search for pics for both cameras- and do pixel-peeping if You prefer (I strongly suggest not :-))
2. Try both cameras at the store (how they fit Your hands, controls placement, overall feel etc.- You have to use it, not a reviewer (who anyway shoots on tripod 90% I guess...)
3. Consider the choice: buy ALL Your lenses with IS or use EVERY mountable lens with SR?

Best and lucky choosing, JR

BTW Hope You are aware of different lenses colors etc. parameters...
You do not buy a CAMERA, You buy a SYSTEM- but I guess You knew that beforehand :-)