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12-09-2006, 10:39 AM
Hi all,

I am going on holiday in a week to Thailand (Wahoo!). Last time i went, all the pics i took came out all washed out, so i have just bought myself a panasonic FZ7! As i am a complete novice will i get good pics by just using the simple setting or should i get more technical? My problem is that i have not get enough time to play with my new toy before i go.

Also just ordered a polarizing filter as i have read this will give me better pictures, is this true

Thanks in advance!

12-09-2006, 03:47 PM

If you are a complete novice I would put that camera on Auto and shoot away :-) For 90% of the shots this will be fine. The only time you "really" need to worry is if there is a light shining into the camera, or you are facing the sun and your subject is therefore in shadow. In this case you want to use some "backlight compensation" (a value of +1 or +2 perhaps) that you access via the 4-way button on the back of the camera.

A polarizng filter is not one you want to use on every shot. What it does is "polarize" the light waves so that the glare or reflections are reduced (such as shooting into water or through a window). It also saturates a blue sky to make it darker, which can be nice, However, there are at least 2 negatives to it. First, you lose a stop or two of exposure, and that will make your nice fairly-fast Leica f2.8-3.3 into a sort of mediocre f4+ or 5.6+. Also, I'm not sure if the front of your lens rotates, but you normally have "align" the filter to get the maximum effect. You might be fiddling with the filter.

What I think is a better choice is called a "UV-haze" filter, and looks like a colorless piece of glass. It supposedly cuts through a bit of atmospheric haze, and protects the front element of your lens.

You have a long flight so you should have some time to read the manual for tips. Have fun and good luck.