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12-02-2006, 12:13 PM
We went to visit my daughter in the hospital today (she is doing fine and will be released tomorrow) and I seen the heli getting fired up for a run (I have learned to keep the camera with me at all times)
I had the wrong lens with me but did the best as I could.

(I had the 18-55mm lens as I was planning on taking pics of my daughter in her room when I entered the hospital, these should have been taken with the 70-300mm lens and would have been close up clear pics)

burst mode I took 75 Pics of the geisinger Life Flight Heli taking off from the roof of the hospital
as we entered the hospital a young woman came down crying and asked me if I had the pics of the helicopter taking off, I thought I was in trouble?? (hospital security 9-11 etc etc)

I told her yes I do I got about 75 pics of it taking off until it was out of my range.
She then thanked me and asked me if i would send those said pics to her if she gave me an address as it was her nephew in the helicopter.
he is age 4 months old and was getting life flighted to Philadelphia for a heart transplant.

Situations like that you do not know weather to cry or be happy that you can help..
Weird feelings today after that.

GOD bless that little fellow and I hope all turns out ok for him and the family.


12-02-2006, 08:40 PM
I'm glad to hear that your daughter will be fine. I hope the same for the little boy