View Full Version : help! firmware for minolta z1 needed.

Maqsood mehal
11-11-2006, 08:49 AM
I own a Minolta Z1 digital camera and although its a bit old model, but i love it for its excellent picture quality.
Recently it has gone slow--- the sandclock symbol is often shown with 'WAIT' displayed. moreover about 30% of the pictures are out of focus.
This problem can be solved by reinstalling the firmware, i am told.
I have searched all the related sites of Minolta and Sony etc., but no luck.
can anyone help me with the firmware problem. I am content with the original firmware,if an upgraded is available, so much the better. The official Konica Minolta site only has Drivers in their software section. An early reply shall be highly appreciated.
maqsood Mehal