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11-10-2006, 02:39 PM
this is totally unbelievable....i bought a new k100d from butterflyphoto.com as they were offering the best deals and a couple of my friends had in the past bought cameras from them.....and i received my order in time....everything is fine....BUT for the slot for the SD card! the click mechanism for the SD card - you push it in, it clicks and locks there and then to take it out, it clicks again and comes out - this mechanism was not working in the camera...!!! i thot this was just a defective piece as I had read a lot of reviews about this camera before buying it and nowhere did i read about such a thing....

so i called butterflyphoto, sent them the camera back, received a new camera (they claimed they sent a new camera but i didnt believe it) and guess what - the same problem...so i was kinda sure that they sent me the old camera back....so i called them again, argued with the customer service and they sent me a 3rd camera (according to them! according to me this is the second camera) and guess WHAT - ---- there is the same problem again....and this time it is a different camera as i havent yet sent the old one back!!!!!!!! this is freaking unbelievable as it seems to be a generic problem with k100d ... i didnt know if someone else experienced it, but i didnt read it anywhere!

i mean i agree thats its nothing big as you just need to pop the card out by your nails or better still, just use the data cable....but its unbelievable!! i dunno what to do now as askign them again, i am not sure if the camera they send me for the 4th time will be fine..

did anyone here experience this????

any suggestions on what to do now??????


11-10-2006, 03:51 PM
I don't really understand your problem.

You say that when the SD Card is inserted, it clicks into place - that's right

You say that when you press it again, it pops out - that's right.

So what is the problem.

Is it that when the card is inserted, it is not recognised by the camera.

Have you tried another SD Card of a different manufacturer.

Have you actually forrmated the card inside the camera using the option provided in the menu.

I have owned a *ist DS for nearly 2 years (mechanism is the same as K100) & not experienced this problem.

11-12-2006, 07:40 PM
I do not own this camera, yet, but think one of the several reviews out there would have mentioned this if it is a design problem.

It is possible you SD card is to blame. Try a different one and see what happens. There have been a few reviews of particular SD cards on newegg.com which have mention fit problems.


11-13-2006, 03:23 PM
sorry for not explaining the problem clearly earlier.

the problem is: the SD card is "supposed to" click when inserted, and, again, is "supposed" to click when pushed again to pop out....in my camera, there is no click! you push it in, it stays there....there is a very small amount of click feeling that tells you that the SD card has been engaged. when pushed again, it doesnt pop out...it just goes further inside stays there and then you need to pull it out somehow.

i also thought that this would have been mentioned somewhere, but i have experienced it in 3 cameras in a row, now!!!...so kinda seems weird! i tested the sd card in my friend's computer sd card reader and it seemed to work fine...!! the card also works fine in my camera, but just doesnt come out the way it is supposed to!!!


11-14-2006, 04:39 AM
Looks a batch problem with the suplier of the 'in camera' SD Card slot.

No doubt about it, it's not right & should be returned for a replacement that functions correctly.

When inserted in the card slot, the card should click into place. When pressed in slightly, the sard should dis-engage and pop up to allow it to be removed with nothing other than fingers.

Don't accept any excusses - get it replaced or a refund to allow you to purchase from a different dealer.

12-07-2006, 09:17 PM
I only heard bad reviews of Butterfly though I;d be surprised if they just sell bad stocks of cameras :-)

I just clicked-unclicked my card many times to test it before repying. It has a small click and a little spring feeling going in or out.

I've read every K100D review I could find in the last few weeks and not one mentioned a card slot "no spring" condition.

I'm more surprised Butterfly sent you another camera without getting the old one back, but that is my customer service manager alter-ego speaking.