View Full Version : SIGMA 24-135mm Cameta(Ebay) Warning

11-10-2006, 01:06 AM
Purchased from Cameta in July. It had the usual problems, menu dissappear after a few seconds, refocussing after focus lock, etc. I didn't want to chance a replacement from Cameta with the same problems and have to pay shipping again and again until I got a good one. Cameta did not have a RMA system, so I feared that it may get lost somewhere.

I decided to send to SIGMA NY for warranty repair. They received it Oct. 10th and without receiving a confirmation after a couple of days I sent an email and received response that they indeed had the lens and were testing. I sent one email a week for an update and received similar responses including one that said to give them more time.

Nov. 7th I received an email stating that they are waiting for parts from Japan and it would be a couple of weeks until they get them! This is unsatisfactory. I presume that it will be a couple of more weeks after that they will complete the repair. They did offer to send me a lens as a loner if I were a professional and met a certain criteria that they would decide. I declined, mostly because I did not want to be responsible for any damages or theft to their loner lens.

The only person I have a name that I have been contacting is Rory. He has been polite, but not very helpful. I am posting this to inform you all of the quality of product and service that Cameta and SIGMA are providing.

I will keep you updated to this situation if requested.