View Full Version : Best image quality - *istDS, DS2, or K100D?

10-19-2006, 09:21 PM
Which camera produces the best images, that is.... the best dynamic range, detail, color accuracy, and the least noise, sharpening artifacts, chromatic aberrations, and purple fringing? The K100D has shake reduction, however, please take that out of the comparison and assume old school techniques, higher shutter speed, higher ISO, or tripod. Also consider default sharpening settings versus ability to soften/sharpen - my preference is for artifact free images I can sharpen later to suit the on-screen size or the print size.

Moire seems to be problem for the K100D from some of the images I've seen such as those at Imaging Resource... Does the DS or DS2 exhibit less moire?
Look at the lower floor windows, a rainbow of colors at the slat shades...
Look at the rainbow colors to the left of GretagMacbeth color chart and the red and blue CA throughout the image (largely due to wide end of zoom lens)..,

I think the difference between the DS and DS2 is mainly the larger LCD, correct?

One general question as well...
Which technique or approach requires less time and yields the best results - removing noise or removing chromatic aberrations and purple fringing? The reason I ask, as I have looked a number of digicams and DSLRs, some like the Panasonic FZ30 have low CA and purple fringing, but high noise levels. Others like the Sony H2 and H3 have much lower noise, but high CA and fringing. From the sample shots I have looked at on different sites, the Pentax DSLRs exhibit some noise and CA/fringing when shooting at default settings and with the kit lens. By using better lenses the CA/fringing is reduced and by keeping the contrast low seems to help minimize noise. Just trying to figure out whether to put more emphasis on a workflow or a better camera/lens configuration.

Thank you all in advance,