View Full Version : do I really need all that megapixel for this?

11-21-2004, 12:32 PM
Ok, I had one of the $1000 combo video camera/ digital still camera things. The dang thing gonna cost some bucks to fix. I need a way to take some pics and put on the web.

Will one of the $30-$50 cheapo's work ok for this.

I am done with spending the big bucks. The one mentioned above sat in a bag most of the time.

Found out after all these years(bout 5 years or so) after view what few videos and pics i took---that the dang thing was messed up from day one. Because i was a novice i never noticed.---LOL

Anyway---doesnt websites etc. only use so much pixels anyway? One of the 3-8 megapixels jobs would just be overkill for this application wouldn't it?


11-21-2004, 01:49 PM
Well pixels is pretty much the size of an image... Usual websites use images up to 800x600, which is about 0.5 megapixels. I'm not sure what you are wanting... If its just to upload on a website or to print or anything...

One thing is sure, I doubt you need 8 megapixels, unless you want to enter in some ego contest. 2-3 megapixels will give you great quality 4x6 prints, 4 will give you great quality 8x10 prints... And of course with 2-3 you can print 8x10... The results will be good, but may vary depending on the kind of photo or your needs or how attentively you look at it.

For websites, well.. if you get a 2 megapixels camera, you should be fine... Having pictures 1200x1600 pixels should be plenty for your needs. With the ability to crop and all...

Find out what you need... ie. How many pixels, then how many manual controls you want... Perhaps, also how many pictures you will take in a year.

Since you said you had a camera and barely used it in the 5 years.... well its not worth it to pay the big bucks... I've seen disposable digital camera, I thought that was stupid, but I guess its not that stupid if you only take so many pictures per year. Say you take 20 pictures per year, you get that and don't have to worry about it being broken or anything... I'm not sure since I got no clue that they are like...

11-21-2004, 11:17 PM
Thanks for the info. I am planning on most if not all pics with a new camera to go to websites or e-mails etc. only. I may take more than a few pics a year. I did not use the other camera that much, but i will be taking more pics now as I have a reason too.

But, still the pics will only be used on the internet in some way. So, all that megapixel is just not worth the cost for what i am doing. :rolleyes:

If i ever decide to upgrade to an ego-boosting 8 megapixel or something a little less---LOL I will definitely NOT get a combo job. :eek:

Combo anything is ok --but if cost is not that different---i would keep seperate---such as camera's/ video camera's and scanners/printers etc.

When you loose one ---you loose all in a sense. My camera will have to be sent off to be fixed. It will take weeks probably at the least. So, both camera and video are lost. :mad:

I may fix at a later date when i feel i can afford to toss some money around. I just HATE the fact i have a $1000 camera/video sitting around that is no good and been used very, very, little.---LOL :p