View Full Version : Canon ixus 40 or 500?

11-19-2004, 03:51 PM
Dear members,

Besides my Nikon D100 and Nikon 5000 I am looking for a (very) small digital camera to carry (always) with me. A pity is that (as far as I understand) is that there are no small 300 dpi camera's, either 4 or 5 megapixel. I thought that the canon ixus 500 or ixus 40 (powershot 300 in USA) are the best option for small and relative good photos (you have to know I do publish my photos (publications and exhibitions) and use them for powerpoint lectures). What would you advise me, do you have experience with both these cameras? And should I look for another brand?

What is yoru advise and experience with Canon 500 and 40.

Thank you veyr much for yoru advise,


11-15-2006, 05:45 AM
I do not own a canon digital ixus 40 or 500 so cannot really help you, but it might be an idea to check the documentation and user manuals: Canon Digital Ixus 40 (http://www.manualshark.org/p/canon-3/canon-digital-ixus-40-527/) and Canon DIGITAL IXUS 500 (http://www.manualshark.org/p/canon-3/canon-digital-ixus-500-533/). look also at: Canon Digital Ixus 400 (http://www.manualshark.org/p/canon-3/canon-digital-ixus-400-529/), Canon Digital Ixus 50 (http://www.manualshark.org/p/canon-3/canon-digital-ixus-50-535/) or Canon Digital Ixus 430 (http://www.manualshark.org/p/canon-3/canon-digital-ixus-430-532/) . Here are other manuals for Canon Digital Compact Cameras (http://www.manualshark.org/b/canon-3/).