View Full Version : Error reading TIFF files/Image data converter SR

09-19-2006, 01:34 PM
Hello group.

I have an alpha 100. I like the camera.

There are some issues I have to look into. One of them is a small problem but it should not exist.
I converted a folder of images using the image converter software that came with the camera.
I saved as 16 bit TIFF.
I use a graphics program called PICTURE WINDOW v3.1.
It will not open the TIFF files, I get an error reading tiff message.
Photoshop can open these files, and if I save the image from photoshop (as 16 bit TIIF, with no changes made), then picture window can open them.
I do not wish to save all the images with photoshop (after saving using image converter) this is time consuming.

Does Sony have any reason to explain why the converter software does not save files that can be read by a proffesional quality graphics package?


10-16-2006, 08:16 PM
Ok, so I updated the firmware and the software.
I still get an error when I try to open a 16 bit tiff (saved using the sony image converter program) using a 16 bit photo editing program called Picture Window (v3.1).

If I open the 16 bit tiff using photoshop and then save it, then Picture window will open the file with no complaints.
Why does the origional Image Converter generated tiff not want to load?