View Full Version : kodak dx7590 limitations

11-19-2004, 05:59 AM

I am interested in getting the dx7590. It is well priced here in the UK @ £250.

I am currently a beginner that has basic knowledge on camera functionality and taking pictures. I would like to make a good investment that would allow me to progress once I pick up more skills. I would like the investment to last a long time (3 yrs+).

The Kodak seems to offer me excellent zoom. Looking at people’s online galleries it also produces good images. It seems quite easy to use and seems to allow me to progress in creativity by using more and more manual controls.

I like the size of the Kodak dx7590 and is very well priced @ £250ish and seems to offer me good value for money in terms of all the functions it has for the price.

The downside I have seen to the Kodak is that it does not offer me manual focus nor does it offer me manual white balance. Being a beginner I do not know whether or not I will need this function. Can you please shed any more light on these 2 factors? Does the auto modes make up for the lack of manual inclusion? Does it offer good auto focus and auto white balancing?

Are there any other limitations?

Thanking you in advance for any help given.

Cold Snail
11-19-2004, 01:15 PM
A year ago, I couldn't take a decent picture at all.
I purchased a DX6490 a couple of weeks before christmas and can do this with it now.




I would recommend this as a fast camera to learn on, but you may end up like me in a year's time thinking about a DSLR.
(Oh, I have one of them as well, but it's an oldie)