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09-05-2006, 02:26 PM

I just got an EX-Z1000 and took a bunch of photos.

Not too happy with the results, but I suspect it's my own fault.

Image is blurry and detail is not fine.

I tried a number of Best Shots. Don't remember which one this was set to, but the image details say 24mm focal length, F5.4, 1/640, metering mode pattern, 1 step exposure comp.

It can be seen here:


Could someone take a look at a sample and tell me what I did wrong?

Subject was stationary, strong outdoor lighting.



09-10-2006, 09:06 PM
The entire photo looks soft and fuzzy. The shutter speed is fast enough that I doubt that the blurrineess was caused by hand motion.

I think that part of the problem is focus. It doesn't look like your camera focused on your subjects. It doesn't look like it focused on the trees in the background either, but they look slightly more in focus than the people do.

The other problem is that ISO 800 was used. Pictures taken at higher ISO's will always be less sharp and detailed, and have more noise, than pictures taken at lower ISO's. I don't think that you selected ISO 800 on purpose; in Best Shot mode, I believe the Z1000 will choose up to ISO 800 in order to select a fast enough shutter speed to avoid blur due to camera shake. And it did select ISO 800 for this picture, even though it wasn't necessary.

If your camera has a Portrait mode, use it for shots like these. And take the camera off of auto ISO. Forget the Best Shot mode. For outdoor daylight shots of stationary subjects, you can usually select ISO 100 or even 50 and still have a shutter speed fast enough to avoid camera shake blur.

Start with with the ISO set at 50. If the LCD displays the shutter speed when you half-press the shutter button, watch it. Make sure that it is at least the reciprocal of the lens focal length that you're using (i.e. If using the wide end, it should be at least 1/45 s. If using the telephoto end, it should be at least 1/125 s. Some steady-handed people can get away with slower shutter speeds, but this is a rule-of-thumb). If it's slower than what you need, manually increase the ISO to the next level before you take the shot.

If you find the manual setting of ISO to be too cumbersome, then leave the ISO on Auto, but don't use Best Shot mode. At least then, the highest ISO that the camera will select will only be 400 (I think). Which should be plenty for shots like your sample image.

A lot to think of at first, it this is all new to you. But you get used to it. And your pictures will look so much better.


09-14-2006, 10:21 PM
Wow, my casio usually drops the ISO in really bright situations.

For the blurriness thing, The BS modes should be ok like Portrait. I suspect you just dropped the hammer on the shutter button. Press it down half way like Stephanie said to activate the Auto Focus. It usually will give a beep once its locked on to something. Check to make sure that its your subjects(in this case your family right?) and then press the shutter button down further to take the photo.