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07-22-2004, 08:29 AM
I was recently in communication with SRB Film Service of Britain. I enquired whether there was an adaptor that'd put a Nikon lens on a Canon D300 since the Nikon D70 won't take MF lenses and since the D300 is cheaper. I understand Novoflex makes adaptors for most cameras although the price seems highish. This is what they had to say. (crossposted at Jake's suggestion, in case anybody considers building a gallows - blame Jake :p )

We can obtain the Novoflex adaptor which allows Nikon lenses to be used on EOS
bodies. It works with manual diaphragm only and stop down metering. You can set
the body to aperture priority so you get automatic selection of shutter speed
depending on selected apertures, but you will view through the viewfinder at
actual aperture, so the image will be darker the smaller the aperture.

The price of the adaptor is 109.00 plus 2.50 postage and handling. Delivery
approx 4 weeks.