View Full Version : Product shots - with CFLs?

09-03-2006, 04:49 PM
I read a tutorial online, which the author advocated using compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) - the spiral type - to take photos with. The color temp he recommended is 5000K.

I've found some fairly inexpensive CFLs online (5000K @ 30W), but am not about to buy one bulb - I plan on buying a box of 6 to get free shipping.

Anyone have any experience with these? I have a camera with RAW support (I always shoot RAW). My normal method is a ring fluorescent around an incandescent bulb. Not the BEST color, but with a bit of an adjustment inside Photoshop gives fairly decent results. I want to move away from a lot of post-processing, and since am being paid to take these photos, might as well invest a little bit in lighting.

Some have posted on the web that CFLs could cause flicker - but since electronic ballasts are at a higher frequency than mechanical ballasts, this issue is moot.



09-03-2006, 04:52 PM
Also, regarding the dual-bulb lighting method.

I've used it at work (graphic design company) to take photos of objects before, and the "Auto White balance" setting inside the Canon 20D worked well and when printed on press, has turned out good looking w/o much adjustment.