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08-23-2006, 07:50 PM
I just received my Pentax *ist DL the other night and have been playing with it all day. I'm very pleased with it, minus one very anoying problem.

I've discovered that it has a very strong tendancy to produce hot pixels. At first I thought it only occured at iso 3200 on longer exposures, but I discovered tonight that with noise reduction disabled even at ISO 200 it will produce hot pixels in the same locations starting on exposures longer than 1/8 s. Albeit, they are much much less noticeable at iso 200 than at iso 3200.

Now, I've talked to two of my friends who are profesional photographers and they both said that this shouldn't happen and that they have never seen it happen with their cameras. On the other hand I've been told by others that it is totaly normal and that I should be happy thats all I have. In my own experience I have never had this problem occur to this degree with any digital camera I have ever used. I wouldn't be terribly concerned about it, but these problems were noticeable in the first pics I took with the camera.

Can anyone else with the DL (actualy, anyone with any dSLR) do me a favor and try to same type of shots I did with my camera and post them? Firstly, disable noise reduction in the custom settings, set to ISO 200, then switch over to manual mode set the exposure time to 1s (makes the hot pixels easy to find if they are there), and take a shot with the lens cap on. Basicly, I want to find out if this is the norm for camera, or if I just get a cam with a really flaky ccd.

Heres some samples...



both of the above were taken at iso 3200 to really bring out the hot pixels that are produced. I These still occur at the lower iso leves, but they are nto nearly as prevalent. The contrast of the second shot was increased, and as you can see the hot pixels are in the exact same places as in test3. If this is the norm I guess I will just have to live with always using noise reduction mode (which still doesn't get rid of the hot pixels consistently) and eiditing the rest on my computer.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I appriceate your responses.

08-23-2006, 09:09 PM
see post in the other thread...

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