View Full Version : Care & Cleaning *or* HELP Sticky Stuff got on my camera

08-14-2006, 12:09 PM
So last night I was shooting scenes for a little digital film with some friends. Some of the syrup-y substance being used for special effects went in the wrong direction and hit my Kodak z740, although it did miss the lens itself

I spent a long while cleaning out crevises and wiping off the surface. Some of the residue from they syrup-y stuff seems to have gotten into the the area where the lens comes out and retracts from.

When I turned the camera on, the lens came out part way, then stopped, retracted, and the camera shut itself off. If I turn the camera on and help by tugging on the lens casing, it comes out, and then zooms and everything normally. I really am sure that tugging on it is not best in the long run. And after sitting for several hours, the same problem occurred.

Any suggestions on what I can use to clean out around the lens casing?