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08-05-2006, 07:22 PM
Hi, I recently bought the ex-s500 and I don t know how to activate the date function so that it will appear on the picture. Somebody told me to use the DPOF function but I don t see any change. What I want to do is see the date on the pictures when I save them on a CD.
If anyone could help me with this i would really appreciate it.

08-06-2006, 01:55 AM
First thing to do is check the manual to be sure that is actually something the camera can do.

Many of the newer cameras do not allow this.

If the camera does not print the time/date on the picture not to worry, all modern cameras embed Exif data into the picture which includes time/date/focus/zoom/exposure etc etc.

So you just need to run the saved picture file through a program such as Exifer for Windows which will print the date or time or a signature etc on the file wherever you want and in whatever font etc you want.


See here, (http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/view_topic.php?id=88174&forum_id=2) for an example.

Do remember to only work with copies of the picture as many people regard date stamping pics as ugly and a great way to ruin a picture and you may want to print a proper pic one day without the time/date stamped all over it.

08-06-2006, 12:49 PM
Thank you verry much for the help.

I know my camera has DPOF....but I don t see that as beeing very helpful.
Maybe I am old fashioned but I like to know when I look in my album when I took a picture....I usually write the date on the back of my pictures but I hate taking them out of the album .

I am sorry that I didnčt look into this before I bought the camera. I thought that all new cameras come with this option. My mistake.

Anyway, I looked and downloaded Exifer, but for me it looks kind of complicated. I dončt know how to work with it so it will show the date on the picture.:confused: Ičll try and look more into it, but if you know how and it is not too much trouble for you, could you please tell me/ ANd do you know if I can save them on a CD and do I have to apply the date on every picture separately

Again, thank you very much!!!!:)