View Full Version : Filter Examples: Polarizer & 1/2ND4

07-28-2006, 01:30 PM
I just got a half ND4 filter from Lensmates and took a few test shots. I thought you all might be interested in the results. No post processing has been done on any of these images. All were shot with a Canon Powershot S2 IS in P mode with metering set on the gazebo.

First, a control shot with just a UV filter. F/4, 1/800 sec

Then the same shot with a polarizer. Notice that the greens are much more saturated. Were it not so overcast, the clouds would have more definition and the sky would be bluer. F/4, 1/160sec

Now with a half ND4 gradiated filter. Notice the sky is much darker, but the greens are back to where they were in the first picture. F/4, 1/500 sec

Finally, the half ND4 and polarizer used together. The sky is nice and dark and the greens are nice and green. F/4, 1/160

I home to redo this experiment this weekend with better (more interesting) conditions.