View Full Version : a100 review

07-24-2006, 08:35 PM
the a100 is similar to my oly e-500, same cheap plastic feel but bigger.

the 18-70mm is nothing great, the nikon 18-70mm is a lens.

but !!!! 10.2 mp with lens for 999.00 its a bargin

pluses at 10 mpix 262 pix on 1gig card, nice

2.5 inch display the best, does it have tv!

focus is fast and continous

steady shot is great, where has this been!

menus very simple

the left dial has focus, wb, iso, dynamic what ever. no fubbling in menus

do i like so far did in door test shots, am very impressed.

in door flash low light are impressive, auto white balance is right on.

pictures come out sharp like the oly e-500 nice color at default settings

compared to d70 ord100 which need post processing for sharpness.

niose, forget about it! noise reduction in camera and even at 1600 in doors with flash very aceptable.

so i saved 800 dollars and didnt get a d200, but spent 300 on sigma 24-135mm 2.8 and tamron 70-300mm macro 1.2 to round out lens line up