View Full Version : Digital Cameras and correct colour matching?

11-09-2004, 03:07 PM
Hi my first post here, but would like to kick off something started elsewhere.

After a few tests, myself and a few others have basically found a rather big issue with the Panasonic FZ20.

what is it? it can't shoot purple correctly, that simple ol colour - like the one in the smiley list over there ------------->

example: http://www.motef.com/test.jpg

the right hand side has had the red channel increased to the max in Photoshop - and NOW correctly shows the purple/red in the tins colour.

the left hand side is how the camera shoots it - whilst the table/walls are the correct colour - the tin is obviously WAY OUT.

yes you could edit the easy stuff in photoshop - but for pics with a lot of fine detail, purples in various areas - this would be a real chore, and not something (IMO) that should have to be done.

the question is - is this problem digital camera related - or is it specific to the Panasonic line........

help! :(

11-10-2004, 08:57 AM
first off I have NO exprence with the Lumix series of cameras but how was the WB set? also is the tin quite near to magenta in hue?