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07-02-2006, 10:59 AM
Hi guys, I'm new here and slightly embarassed to be asking for help so soon ...

I've just bought a Nikon D50, and thought I had time to learn to use it, before the Farnbrough Airshow, but nope, it's only 3 weeks away.

So, I have a week off and will be using it every day to learn it's features, but would appreciate a little advice, if possible, to help me on my way.

As I will be photographing aircraft in the sky, I need to understand the best way to set the camera for a few hopefully acceptable shots. I have these ideas and would really appreciate comments as to whether or not they are viable.

1. I presume that for the "in flight" shots, I'll need S mode to ensure the shutter speed stays as I want it, then use a little exposure compensation to prevent underexposure, use in spot or matrix mode depenting if "all sky" or coming in to land/takeoff.

2. Go for full manual, test shots to set up and see how it goes .... Problem I see here is that as you pan across with the aircraft if the light changes you may over/under expose, with of course no time to readjust.

3. For multiple aircraft (eg. red arrows) maybe apature priority, instead of S, to get the depth of field.

I was planning on using shutter priority, I have auto ISO on, so if my selection is not the best, the camera will overide.

Many thanks for your help,