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07-19-2004, 06:40 PM
I bought the Nikon Coolpix 3200 and I'm not really satisfied with the quality of the camera. Everytime I'm taking picture indoors, they are either too noisy or blurry. And if I take them in sport mode, they are too dark.
I was told it was because of the Auto iso.

I'm looking for a compact sized camera , 3.2 M, not too expensive and at least 3x optical zoom. I would like it to have some kind of manual control, so I could ajust things to take better pictures. And I would like not to have too much surprises. Cause when I look at the LCD with my current camera, the picture seems correct and then on the computer it is too noisy/dark/blurry.
And when I use the zoom, I automatically see the pixels (on the computer, so it is too late).

It is mostly to point and shoot, I'm in holidays, so I don't want the camera to take 10 seconds to be on and then 10 seconds to focus and then 10 seconds between the time I snap and it takes the pictures. Most of the time I'm not really indoors (in the subway, in the mall etc..) so I would like good quality indoors.

Hope I'm not asking for too much.
Thank you for your input.

07-19-2004, 09:27 PM
Try the Canon A75.

07-20-2004, 06:01 AM
I agree. You have described the A75 to a tee. Or pay a little more for the A80. You get the swiveling LCD, the extra .8 megaixel, and the custom settings. The swiveling LCD alone is worth it...

07-20-2004, 06:02 AM
A75/A80 would do you good.

07-20-2004, 05:20 PM
I was in a little hurry but I took the time to go to the shop yesterday.

I don't think I'll go for the A80, cause it is quite expensive and I don't really think I'll print my photos so I don't really need 4 MP.

Then I looked at the A75 and I think it is a little thick.

I found some others who are more compact and have manual:
- FujiFilm FinePix F410
- Minolta Dimage Xg (but don't think it has a full manual mode)
- Sanyo Xacti (forgot to take the number)
- Pentax Optio S30

What do you think about them?