View Full Version : Canon PowerShot A80 or Minolta DiMage G500

07-19-2004, 08:03 AM
Help. I've been researching and playing with cameras for over a month, but I need to purchase one today, as I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow. Here's what I'm down to chosing between: Canon PowerShot A80 or Minolta DiMage G500.

It's basically a choice between ease of use (the A80) and more megapixels (G500) for about the same price. Does anyone have an opinion based on experience? My brain feels like it might burst if I think about this anymore! :eek:


07-19-2004, 05:29 PM
Normally I would say: "you really need to try them both and see which one you like". But in this case you are in a bit of a time bind.

Once you get above 3.2 MegaPixels it doesn't really matter, unless you plan to do a lot of heavy cropping and then print above 8 x 10.

Personally, the A80 gets my vote for having an Auto Focus Illuminator (for low light shots), Rotating LCD, and using AA Rechargables (buy several extra sets, rated at 2000mAh or higher, and a good charger for your trip). Make sure you charge a few before you leave on your trip.

In a pinch you can use standard Alkaline AA batteries which you cannot do with the Minolta.

Have a nice trip. :)