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07-18-2004, 01:57 PM

I am looking for a digital camera but I am quite lost at the moment. Although I am not completely new to photograpy, I decided that I want to take my hobby a bit more serious, and switch to a digital camera.

Despite the fact that I am already looking, reading, and comparing for quite some time, I am constantly doubting whether I should buy this particular camera or not; I'm often really stuck at the "Buy-now" button.

I would prefer if my camera would include the following features:

- Large zoom (6 - 8 optical)
- Around 4 / 5 MP
- Flash
- Macintosh compatible
- Suitable for architectural photography (meaning buildings and landscapes)

My budget is limited to approximately 350 - 400 for the camera itself (excluding additional memory cards, bags, lenses, and so on).

I'm stuck between two cameras, which (according to me) offer a good value for price.

- HP Photosmart 945 - 370
- Kodak DX6940 - 350

As Both cameras almost wear approximately the same price tag, I have no idea which one to buy. Although Kodak makes originally good cameras I read / heard some negative stories about their digital cameras; same goes for HP. Some people are very happy with their HP / Kodak digital camera but others aren't. For instance, HP has a slow image processing feature, whereas the Kodak DX6490 faces problems with image quality (muddy and overprocessed details).

Therefore, I would appreciate some recommendations by other people. Do you own one of those cameras, what is your overall experience, have you faced any problems (which are still going on).

I am really sorry to bother you as these questions are asked all the time, but I am not sure anymore what to buy just because of the overwhelming number of features and different cameras that are currently available. Recommendations for other camera brands / types are of course appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

07-18-2004, 03:17 PM
There seem to be a lot of people liking Kodak and HP. That said:

I know I/we sound repetitious, but you also should look at the Image Stabilized ultra zooms from Canon (S1 IS, 3 MegaPixel, 10X zoom) and Panasonic (FZ-10, 4 MegaPixel, 12X zoom). The image stabilization feature is very helpfull for hand-held long zoom shots. The S1 IS and FZ-10 are around $500. Both offer very good performance and good image quality.

Be aware that Panasonic has anounced new versions of the FZ ultra zooms, and Minolta is also introducing an image stabilized 12X zoom, but no-one seems to know when, or what the price will be. AND it may affect (in a good way) the price of the older models.

You might also want to querry the HP amd Kodak sites to get some feedback from users.