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Ed State
07-18-2004, 12:11 PM
Hey there!

(I'm new to this forum btw :) )

I've had my "old school" Nikon F2 for almost 15 years, and I LOVE it's manual options (well, I guess they aren't reall "options" since that's all it does), and I'm looking for a small, good-quality DC that allows you to "play around" with exposures, etc.

Is this even possible on a DC? Or is it even important?

Everything I've seen in my size (small) and quality (great) range seems to have automated EVERYTHING. Like the newer FILM SLR's, this seems to be a selling point :mad:

For instance, I'm really interested in the Sony DSC-T1...

Thanks in advance,


Jake Conner
07-18-2004, 06:59 PM
Canon's A75, A80, and S60 are great compact cameras with full manual controls. The A75 is 3MP with a 1.8" LCD and the A80 is 4MP with a 1.5" swivel screen. They are about the same price, and the A80 will be replaced very soon. One step up is the S60, which is more compact, 5MP, and has a wider zoom.


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