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04-17-2006, 02:08 PM
Hi. I'm looking to get a new battery charger. Currently I only have AAs (and some AAAs) that I need to charge, but I anticipate in the future wanting to charge Cs, Ds, and 9V batteries, so I want the capability to do those too.
I'm currently using a Radio Shack charger (I forget the model #, but it's one that takes up to 8 AAs or AAAs 2 at a time, and usually takes 4 to 6 hours or so to charge them, and I think it's timer based mostly), and I'd like to get a much better one (and I'm willing to pay quite a bit more than what I paid for the Radio Shack charger (I think I paid somewhere around $15-30.))

Some things I'd like are:
ability to charge multiple types, chemistries, capacities, and charge levels (at the time batteries are inserted) of batteries at the same time
independent charging circuits for each cell (i.e. not require pairs like my Radio Shack charger does)
variable charging speeds (anywhere from overnight to my-camera's-low-battery-indicator-is-lit-and-I-need-to-charge-these-dead-spares-NOW)
ability to charge a lot of batteries at the same time (for example preferably at least 10-12 AAs, or 6-7-8 AAs and 3-4-5 Ds)
a good informative LCD display
(if possible, the ability to charge a set of 4 AA batteries (probably most likely Energizer 2500mAh - although I need to buy some more - I think a few of mine are failing on me - one leaked last week, and another one almost burned my hand when I pulled it out of my pocket (it was to be a spare for my digital camera when its batteries went dead) at the end of the day a couple days ago. Also some of the plastic outer coating is coming loose on the ends.))

Some I'm looking at include:
Maha Advanced MH-C080M
Ansmann Deluxe Energy 16 (but doesn't have LCD display)

.... although there are certain features I like on:
LaCrosse BC-900 - selectable charging current, test mode, trickle mode, voltage/temperature overcharge protection, nice looking LCD display

Of course I would be willing to consider other chargers. I just haven't listed them because I currently don't know that they exist, and the ones I have listed are in my price range (one is listed as a little past my price range, but is close enough that if I get a good deal on it, or it's a SUPER good charger with EVERYTHING I need/want and then some, I'd consider it.)

So what would you guys suggest? I'm hoping to get something that should last me several years or more.

04-28-2006, 11:54 AM
Any idea on what charger I should go for? (bumping this to prevent it from falling off the face of the earth)

05-01-2006, 09:24 PM
Ewww...Radioshack (aka The Source, By Circuit City).. LoL. Well, C and D cells aren't really that common and probably the only biggie for a D is a smoke detector. I'm not too good with today's battery charger. I own a really old Canadian Tire one. Its a box shape that can handle AA, AAA, Cs and Ds but its a 12~15 hour charge.

Common places to get an AA/AAA charger, I'd say Walmart. The've got chargers from their store brand plus some energizer ones. This have a built in socket that flips out and you just stick it into your wall kinda thing.

(btw, never transport exposed batteries in your pockets. toss in some keys and a couple coins and they could short circuit.)