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10-30-2004, 05:40 AM
Hello Guys ,

Anyone tried Macro additional lenses for Canon A95?

I mean about LA-DC52D Lense Adapter and 250D Macro lense ..

Lemme say Hello Everyone from Northern Italy .. I just bought this Canon A95 reading good feedbacks about this digicam from this site and other two.
I have been a good 35mm. Photoaddict using my loved Leica M6 (35-50-90 Summicron) and my Canon Eos 50II (Rebel).
Speaking about digital .. after two years with a nice Minolta Dimage X I decided to improve my Digiworld buying this Canon A95.
By the moment I only bought the digicam , a new AA NIMH 2300mAh Duracell set and a 1gb SanDisk CompactFlash but since I need to take Macro photos to my watches I want to buy that additional lense mentioned above.. that's why I-m asking you all about ..

See Ya