View Full Version : Casio Ex-P600 fault

04-08-2006, 01:51 PM
Hi everyone,

I seem to have come across a rather strange problem with my Ex-P600 camera. It's been around 2 months since I'd last used my camera. I charged the battery yesterday and went to use it this afternoon only to find that it no longer power's up correctly for me to use. When I press the power button to start the camera up it goes through the usual lens startup routine but I get no display on the screen.
If I then try to power off the camera by holding the power button down it extends the lens all the way out and still gives no display and just sticks there then the rdy light flash's 4 times and goes off but no camera control.

If I put the came into playback mode I can use the button to navigate through the photo's I've taken in the past from the mem. stick.

It's worth mentioning that this camera has had very little use in the year or so that I've had it. The total photo count is around 400.

There are no Casio repair stores close to where I live atm, so I'll prob have to wait till I get back to Australia to have it checked out.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.