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brad nichol
10-29-2004, 08:12 AM
Now this might seem like an unfair contest but the results are interesting.
I decided to compare my FZ3 and Canon 300D. The FZ3 was shot at 80ISO and the 300D at 400ISO. Before you jump up and down, consider that in real world use to get equivalent depth of field/shutter performance means that you need a far smaller aperture on the DSLR and if you are to keep the shutter speeds equal then you must up the ISO.

IN testing I have found the real difference at regular shooting distances means you need to shoot 4 stops smaller for equal depth of field so the 400ISO setting is being generous to the DSLR.

To try and level the field I interpolated the FZ3 files to equal the 300D using plain old bicubic interpolation in photoshop, clearly this will have some detrimental effect on the FZ3 files but is as fair as I can be.

I have also included an FZ3 file that was run through noise ninja at a very low reduction level so you can see the change it makes.

The FZ3 files were shot as tiffs and I think that is fair because it shoots quickly in this mode and these days larger memory cards make this pretty painless, the 300D file is an original top quality JPEG. (Yes I know about RAW but that is not how most users work with their 300ds) Please note there is very little loss of quality in using the JPEG option on the FZ3 anyway.

The 18 to 55 kit lens was used on the 300D. As much as possible I have tried to get both cameras focused in the same spot, but I think there is some variation. All file were mildly sharpened at the same level.

Not that these are sections of the big picture and they are heavily compressed so there is a loss of quality from the originals.

Anyhow what can you see.

Well first up the FZ3 files don't seem to give much away in terms of detail to the 300D, and secondly the FZ3 has much better chromatic aberration performance than the 18 to 55 lens on the 300D. Lastly noise is not a great issues with the FZ3 and with Noise Ninja it is even less of a worry.

Really though It is quite an interesting exercise, this is one of many tests I carried out and in all cases the FZ3 simply impressed.

And yes I agree the 18 to 55 lens isn't great but it is what most 300D owners get with the camera and most choose to use it.

Brad Nichol

10-29-2004, 09:39 AM
Thank you for the effort and sharing.

More and more happy FZ3-owners show-up in the forums.

10-30-2004, 04:09 AM
Yes thnx brad the fz3 shines thru :)
great work m8

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i would prefer a d70 to a rebel tho haha..