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10-29-2004, 05:09 AM
Hi Jeff,

I am relatively new to this forum and was hoping to get some feedback from the participants with regards to an apparent viewfinder focussing problem on the Canon s60/s70. I posted this long time ago and got no feedback. So....maybe you can suggest some reasons or solutions.

In various stores, I've tried out both the Canon s60 and s70. I still like to use the viewfinder primarily. I've noticed that in both cases, the viewfinder is often out of focus - either just barely (wide angle) to quite a bit (highest zoom power). But it isn't always consistent. Just by adjusting the zoom a bit, especially at its strongest power, I can make it worse or better. I can look at the same scene with other cameras, A95 or G6 or a Sony W3, and everything will be in focus. In general, the s70 seems worse than the s60. I've also noticed that the extent of the focussing problem seems to be dependent on exactly how I am looking through the viewfinder, i.e. with just a miniscule angle adjustment of the eye I can make the focus either a bit better or a bit worse.

I really find this annoying, and haven't seen the problem on other cameras. In one case, the store owner said that something was wrong with one of the cameras. He tapped it hard and the focus changed to a bit better. Hmmmm....he said he was going to send it back to Canon. When another S70 had the same problem next time I came in the store, he, suprisingly, said that everything looks normal. Thats the last time I went back to the store.

I find it hard to believe that Canon would accept the apparent poor quality of the viewfinder on their cameras like the s60/s70, or am I missing something??
I really prefer the size of the s60/s70 for my bike travels, but am considering going up to the G6 just because of the quality of the viewfinder appears so much better. By the way, I don't need or wear glasses, so the diopter setting isn't an issue.

Have you seen the problem I am referring to?


10-31-2004, 05:32 PM
I just got the S60 and I've been playing around with it for a few days. I did notice the focus issue you mentioned for the optical viewfinder. It's not too big of a problem for me cuz I use the LCD most of the time. But if you prefer the optical viewfinder, keep in mind, in both S60 and S70, it only show about 80% of what the lens actually see. You may end up with more background than you expected. This is probably more important because it will affect the resulting image.

Hope this helps you make your choice.