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03-02-2006, 06:29 PM
I recently got an internship for this summer, which means that I'll have money and so I can spend some of my savings right now that I would've otherwise rationed carefully. I've always wanted a digital camera, and so I plan on buying one before this summer. I really want a small (size is important to me for portability) camera for under $500 (preferably in the $200-$400 range) for point-and-click purposes with good quality. I've been looking into Canon's ELPH line because I've personally seen better performance from Canon's low-end digital cameras than competitors (though I'm no expert), and so I'd prefer to stick to Canon.

I was going to buy said camera in the middle of May, but I was thinking that maybe I should just order one next week in time for spring break and get some pictures from the rest of the semester and stuff. Would that be a bad idea? In other words, do you think a better camera is on the way in the next couple of months or the price will go down among online retailers? I've been thinking about getting a Canon SD500 ELPH, is there anything wrong with this model or is there something that's a better value out there?

Other considerations: standard zoom is fine, image quality is a big component (probably an 8 on a scale from 1 to 10), I'm just using it for personal purposes (pictures of the place where I'll be doing my internships, random scenery around where I live, special events, etc), and I'd like for it to have a decent LCD despite being so small

Thanks a bunch!


03-02-2006, 06:54 PM
Hello, I'm glad there's someone out there that also shares the same thing as me. We are practically looking for the same thing, lol. I'm still looking myself, but I'm looking and leaning towards the Canon powershot SD450.

Right now, on amazon.com, it is only 280$ with a free viking 256 mb SD memory card, w/ FREE GROUND SHIPPING.

By the way, I was also looking at the Canon SD500, I saw it at the store, but that thing is bigger than the SD450, and weighs more. I like how it is 7.1 megapixels compared to 5 mp for SD450.

If you can wait that long and buy the camera in mid may as you mentioned, then go for the SD600 coming out in april for 350$ retail.

But personally, go for the SD450 instead of the SD500 if you cant wait that long, unless you want a higher mp, then go for the SD500. But i think sd500 is just bulkier than the SD450. The SD450 is just so damn sexy, small, and cool. PLus the SD450 has 2.5 inch LCD screen. THE SD500 has only 2.0 LCD screen.

Lol, why dont we both buy the SD450, let's go for it. I'm buying mine on monday through amazon.com.

03-02-2006, 08:23 PM
Lol, why dont we both buy the SD450, let's go for it. I'm buying mine on monday through amazon.com.

I found a good review here (http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/CanonSD450/) if you haven't already seen it.

Your offer is quite tempting :) I think you've definitely pulled me away from the SD500 since the screen is smaller, which is a compromise I'm not willing to accept for the larger form factor and price tag. I don't need 7MP and I honestly don't know what I'd do with any more than 4 or so, so 5MP should be just about right.

Thank you very much for referring me to that Amazon.com page! It's quite a steal, I agree. I'm going to chew it over the next few days and order mine next week if I decide to do so. Does anyone have reason to believe that the SD 600 is worth waiting for? It's just more money for a 6MP camera, it seems like. The form factor and other specs seem to be almost identical.

My only reservations about the SD 450 are the battery life and the red eye, but the latter seems to be a common trend in small cameras. I suppose I can life with having to recharge the battery more often, and I can just buy another pack before I go on a long trip.

Any one else have any thoughts?



03-05-2006, 11:51 AM
Followup: I just ordered the SD 450 off of Amazon.com :) It came out to $305 with a 512 MB memory card and a slim leather case for it, and I'm going to be anxiously awaiting its arrival now! Thanks for the advice everyone, and especially Trigun!

Did you end up ordering yours Trigun, by the way?


03-05-2006, 04:07 PM
NO WAY!!!:p

I also ordered a Canon SD450 digital camera less than an hour ago, posted a topic about it on the Canon board.


It came to a total of (rounding off) $290.00.

I decided to get the Viking 256 mb SD memory card, because I read the writing speed for the Viking SD memory card is extremely slow when recording movies using the camera. So I didn't really want to spend extra for a higher capacity viking memory card. As far as the extra battery, I'll probably get the extra battery later, but I certainly won't buy the Canon battery, it's just to expensive. I'll probably go for a generic third party brand. I read POWER 2000 ACD-243 Rechargeable Battery ( Canon NB-4L Equivalent ) is the best generic battery for the SD450. You can read and decide for yourself on ths link I found:

I can't wait for it, I'm excited, I also feel guilty spending almost $300 on this digital camera, but screw it, you know. I want to take pictures of my classmates (because I'll be graduating from college in May), and I want to treasure those, pluse I'll also be going to a wedding later this month, and going on vacation during the summer, so it's all good, yeah, it's all good.

Plus I also got a small carrying case/bag, see below for 9.99 (I figure I can fit my camera and my MP3 player there. If you want this bag also Eptiger, too late, this was the last one on Amazon until they get a new orders for this item in, lol. This bag is called the Samsonite 1.2


03-05-2006, 04:12 PM
Good on ya... but since when is SD450 considered LOW END camera?