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07-16-2004, 04:15 AM
Hi! I've done some research on digital cameras (and getting confused :confused: ) due to my KYOCERA 5something being a stolen (loved that camera). But now that I am in the market again and have more experience with a digital camera (not a whole lot though) I want a little more control over my camera. Here's what I've come up with and would like a recommendation from the more experienced.

* I absolutely love the swivel for the monitor. Always doing crazy stuff and would like to take a picture of me with my friends without somebody else's dirty grubby hands all over it (hence my last one being stolen)

Here are some things that I am looking for:

I hate red-eye, it's so annoying and takes joy out of the picture.
I'm an absolute clutz I need a sturdy camera.
The monitor, I'm an night owl and like to take a lot of pictures at night but I hate when you can't thru the monitor and must use the viewfinder.
And last, the wait to take another picture.

Could you tell me in your opinion which is the better camera. Thank you!! :)


Ray Schnoor
07-16-2004, 06:59 AM
I have never used a G5, so I cannot speak for it.

I do, however, have a Coolpix 5400. It does take nice pictures, and it has all the manual controls. It does not focus well in low light, though, so if you are expecting to take photos at night in the dark, I wouldn't expect much. Overall, I have been very happy with the 5400. Here is an album of photos my wife took in fully auto mode. She has no interest in using any of the manual controls.


If you want to be able to see in the dark on the monitor, I would look at the Sony DSC-F717, and DSC-V1. These both have "night framing" which uses IR illumination to view in the dark, and laser focusing, which focuses using a grid of lasers, which is good for night photography.


07-16-2004, 07:24 AM
Another option is an Olympus 5050 or 5060. The 5050 has a tilting monitor for waist level or over-the-head shots, and the 5060 has the full swivel of the other Canon/Nikon. Both have an AF assist light, and focus fast in low light. I like Olympuses because the combination of great glass, and aggressive (some say too aggressive) in camera sharpening produce, in my opinion, the best right-from-the-camera pictures of any digicam that I have used. I almost never need to sharpen the pics from my 5050 in PS, while I sharpen almost everything from my DReb (as well as my Canons A80 and A40 before it). In Jeff's test, the 5050 came out with no redeye, while the 5060 didn't do so well (nor did the G5). The 5050 uses AA batteries, and includes a set of rechargable aa with a charger, as well as remote control to control the camera from the front! The 5050 has a pretty good buffer, so the shot to shot speed is excellent, and it's built like a brick. A final thing I like about the Olympus, that only the Nikon shares, is the 3:2 capture mode. If you, like me, print a lot of 4x6's at the local CVS, then the 3:2 mode means that your pictures won't be cropped the way most other digi pics with 4:3 dimensions must be. Works against you on enlargements, though...

I bought my 5050 Refurb'd on EBay for around $350, and I couldn't be more pleased with it.

Here's a link to an unretouched, out of camera flash photo of my wife and I at a recent wedding - Be patient, it's a BIG file. http://rain.prohosting.com/jwexler/5050FFl.htm

07-17-2004, 09:20 AM
A nice swivel/overhead lense, excellent photo quality, very, very fine focus ( at night too ) , very good redeye reduction, ; I would take a look at the Sony F717. Not too expensive either now.